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He Is A Sex Machine

Free-Shiping-Sex-font-b-Toy-b-font-Sex-product-7-Pieces-font-b-Unit-bMorgan is a ‘Lone Ranger’ so doesn’t let out his secrets and always works under cover. He looks for lonely women and once he finds them, he makes sure he gives you the best treat till they beg for more. This is how he plays his game.

Once he sets out a date with a woman, he knows he is hots, with a strong chest and big arms. So he makes sure he puts on clothes that reveal all that. His cologne is irresistible and a simple hug is enough to get any woman wet.

Once you are in a room with him, he walks slowly towards you, his hard-on leading the way. He will ask you already knowing what your answer will be, “Would my baby like some dick now? Want me to fuck you?” his naughty smile always gets women say yes.
Morgan will grab you and pull you around till your legs are off the side of the bed. He then takes hold of your ankles and holds your legs apart, then releases your legs so that he can lick your pussy.

He knows the sensitive parts of the pussy since this is something he has done a thousand times and with different women. He makes sure he gives you a proper lick and makes your pussy red hot. You will always gasp as he pushes his big dick into you in one hard thrust. All you can do is make those grunting noises as he pumps his cock into you. He is a multi-talented fucker. He can grab your tits as he fucks you. When you turn your eyes with pleasure, he increases the rhythm of his thrusting. He growls as he places your legs over his shoulders. He has really good pounding technique that sends all women out of their senses. He doesn’t cum until he notices you have cum. When he is about to cum he will tell you and ask you if you want him to cum in your mouth.

Morgan is just something else. He knows how to keep that pussy purring. And after the fuck, he lies down to catch his breath and waits for the second round. He is surely one of the few men who offer a no rush session and take time in making sure you are satisfied and make you feel good in all the right places.

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